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Health coaches are specially trained healthcare professionals who advise patients and employees to understand their conditions and become motivated to lose weight, stop smoking and decrease stress related to chronic illness. Health coaches are trained to work in many types of practice settings and delivery models, including hospitals, clinics, corporations and health educational settings. Health coaches meet people where they are and provide motivational support and information to make informed decisions. Health coaching has been linked to increased employee satisfaction, increased well-being, improved fitness and nutrition, as well as, lower healthcare costs, lower rates of absenteeism and presenteeism and increased productivity.

This audioconference examines cost-effective and results-oriented techniques that work in health coaching. It also assesses, what the financials of health coaching are worth to the employee, provider, health plan and corporation.

What Is an Audioconference?

It is a live event that includes session handouts, an interactive question and answer period, and access for an unlimited number of participants at each call-in site. However, only one site can be offered per registration. It is impermissible for an organization to purchase one registration and to operate multiple sites through an internal telephone system. During the live Audioconference participants will be able to ask questions and make comments. The Audioconference faculty has agreed to take follow-up questions via email. Audioconferences are simple, accessible, cost effective and reach a broad audience locally.

Who Should Listen:
  • Providers, Hospitals, Health Plans, Employers
  • Senior Health Coach, Medical Center
  • Director, Health Management Services, Medical Center
  • Clinical Director, Medical Center
  • Medical Director, Health Management Company
  • Chief, Outpatient Medical Services, Hospital
  • Vice President, Training & Development, Health Plan
  • Vice President, Director, Benefits, Employer
  • Vice President, Wellness, Health Plan
  • Vice President, Chronic Care Management, Health Plan
  • Senior Vice President, Health Management Company
Audioconference Materials:

All Faculty Materials will be Posted on the Wellness Audioconference website: www.WellnessAudioconferences.com/WA20080626 in downloadable PDF Formats.

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